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When it comes to dating London escorts, the fashion changes every so often. A few years ago, the in thing was top date MILFS in London. However, recently this has all changed. Now many men who enjoy the company of sexy women like to date younger London escorts. We seem to have gone full circle as far as dating London escorts are concerned. It does make you wonder why so many men like to date younger London escorts.

We took the opportunity to speak to a couple of gents who have been dating London escorts on a regular basis for many years. We asked them who they date and why they think a lot of men now like to date younger London escorts. What has changed or are some men just making a fashion statement? It does really make you wonder. Let’s find out what a London escort regular has to say about dating.

Nick has been dating London escorts for the last 20 years. He says that even though he enjoys the company of London escorts of all ages, there is something special about dating younger London escorts. According to Nick, there never used to be so many escorts in London. Nick used to have to travel abroad to meet up with sexy younger escorts so he is delighted that you can finally date and enjoy the company of sexy companions. Also, it is cheaper to date younger in London than in other places. Many other escort agencies around the world like to charge a premium price for their services. London escort agencies have always been associated with well-priced services and the sexiest young girls you can hope to feast your eyes on.

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